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11:44pm 20/04/2010

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The We Are the World 2 Disaster   
10:26pm 28/02/2010

While I'm no longer a big SNL fan because it's just never as good as the cast you watched when YOU were in high school (for everyone, I know - but I had greats that are hard to compete with like Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri and Molly Shannon), I thought this opening sketch from last night was pretty funny. Mostly because I agree with fake Quincy Jones' (aka Keenan!) need to raise awareness about the "We Are the World 2 Disaster".

I especially loved Kristen Wiig's pretty dead-on impression of Gwen Stefani!

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Baby #3 for Beatie   
09:15pm 21/02/2010

Photo Courtesy of MomLogic.com

It's probably not surprising at all that people still take issue with Thomas Beatie, a transgender man with female reproductive organs, getting pregnant again.

Some online publications announcing Beatie's third pregnancy call him a "man" in quotes. Others are adamant about calling him "her".

My favorite is one of the comments on Right Pundit's pretty derogatory anouncement of Beatie's pregnancy:
"Who cares? If Sarah Palin is allowed to reproduce then anyone can."

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Tentacles Are For Hugging   
11:44pm 14/02/2010

Valentine Courtesy of LaughingSquid.com

Happy Valentine's Day!

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When Squid Take Over   
11:41pm 07/02/2010

Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid.com

Be ready to bow down to the tentacles before you when giant squid take over.

Just a little clarification - what the media have been referring to as "giant squid" the last several months are not actually squid of the genus architeuthis, but Humboldt squid, an unusually large species of squid that can grow up to 7 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. A squid of formidable size, and certainly large, but maybe not giant.

Anyway, Humboldt squid are once again storming the shores of the pacific coast, and have been doing so for almost half a year now. A quick search of one of my favorite (revived?) blogs, Squid.us, confirms that this is not the first time this has happened!

The much feared squid, known as "red devils" among other nick names, are known for their carnivorous, predatory nature, which can be so vicious at times that they become cannibalistic.

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Why Cephalobloggers Use Reusable Menstrual Products   
09:20pm 24/01/2010

The results are in: Cephaloblog readers like reusable menstrual products because they are comfortable and convenient.

First, thank you to everyone who entered - I love hearing why women are interested in reusable menstrual methods and the response always impresses me. I have randomly selected five winners and emailed them asking for their mailing addresses. If you entered but did not win, I hope you consider purchasing Greenblooded yourself (for a mere $2, why not?!) - and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Because you ladies ended up being so creative with your one-word answers (which I loved, really), I wasn't able to offer a list of top 10 reasons, as planned. Instead, I broke down your answers into six basic categories: Comfort, Convenience, Cost, Empowerment, Environment, Health and then an additional Other category to cover answers that couldn't quite be labeled.

Other answers included, "Adventurousness", "Bullshit", "Shalom" and "Understanding".

As far as age range goes, 35 women from 14 to 33 entered this contest and gave one-word reasons for their interest in reusable methods. See results by age after the jump!

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Greenblooded Contest Ends in One Week!   
12:02am 18/01/2010

Image Courtesy of Cathy Leamy

Don't forget! You only have until Saturday, January 23rd to enter to win a copy of Cathy Leamy's awesome comic Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene. All it takes is one word and your age to enter!

See official contest rules here.

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Six Things You Should Never Say to a HUMAN BEING   
11:53pm 17/01/2010

Photo Courtesy of SingleEdition.com

So, Single Edition (tagline: "Where I Am One") is this cute site that offers articles, advice, product suggestions, shopping tips and more for those who are romantically unattached. They "recognize that life presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for singles," and they "offer a fresh perspective, some genuine advice and even some hands-on assistance that can help make the difference in your life." I discovered them back in 2007 when I was interning for my heros, Em & Lo, at the Daily Bedpost as a senior in college, and signed up for their newsletter.

The articles in their newsletter are generally fluffy and meaningless, and rarely offer any truly helpful advice, however they are entertaining and quick reads, so I usually open up at least one or two of them when I get it in my inbox. This past week I was unpleasantly surprised to find the gem, "6 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman", with the description:
"Women, they are everywhere. From our Mother's [sic], and sisters and daughters to gal pals and love interests, there’s no escaping them. You may love them, can’t live without them, but ever feel like you are walking on eggshells around the leading ladies in your life?"

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Win a Copy of Greenblooded!   
11:58pm 10/01/2010

Image Courtesy of Cathy Leamy

Don't feel like shelling out a mere $2 to score a totally cute, funny and informative comic on eco-friendly solutions for that time of the month? Then win one for free!!!

All you have to do is:

  • Comment on this blog post with a one-word reason for why you're interested in, considering switching to, or are already a user of reusable menstrual products

  • Include your age* in your comment

  • Include your email**

You have until Saturday, January 16th to leave your comment on this post. I will then randomly select five valid entries ("valid" in that they include all three of the things mentioned above), contact the winners by email for their shipping addresses, and have a copy of the comic Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene by Cathy Leamy sent to you! (If you win!)

On Sunday, January 17th I'll post the top ten reasons given by age range, so we can see why women of all ages support reusable options during their periods.

To learn more about Greenblooded, see my review on the comic in last week's post!

See an example of a valid entry below.

Example Entry

* If you are uncomfortable providing your age, feel free to remain anonymous and not post your name. Your name is not required to enter this contest, although the field is to submit a comment, so simply enter "Anonymous" or "N/A" if you choose not to provide your name.

** Your email address will not be visible to anyone but me, will never be shared, and will only be used to contact you for your shipping address in the event that you win.

Contest ends 01/16/09 at 11:59 PM.

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New Year, Green Blood   
11:13pm 03/01/2010

Image Courtesy of Cathy Leamy

I'm very lucky that I have a sister that doesn't care that I blog about her (Kel: "Whatever. None of my friends read your dumb* blog."). Because of this, I get to relay the very exciting news that, on the last day of this past decade, my little baby sister got her very first period!!! Of course, I had already prepared her with a stash of cupcake-adorned Lunapads and presented her with My Little Red Book as a menarche present, but needless to say, I was more excited than she. Her words: "I wasn't that upset when I realized I got it."

I will admit that I know it's pretty fricking weird for me to get overly excited about my sister getting her period, but, unlike her, I grew up with a group of friends that pined for their first periods and treated who got it first as a competition. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret was our bible, and starting in fourth grade we eagerly anticipated the moment when one of us might find a spot of blood in her underpants.

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Lunapads Contest Giveaway Ends in One Week!   
11:03pm 24/05/2009

Photo Courtesy of Lunapads.com

Just a reminder to enter the Lunapads Contest Giveaway if you haven't already - it ends in a week from today, on May 31st at 11:59 PM!

If you haven't heard already, I'm giving away a Lunapads Sampler Pack (worth $25!) to the woman who leaves the best comment regarding why she wants to switch to reusable menstrual products or why she thinks women should switch to reusable methods.

The responses have continued to be amazing and it will be so difficult to choose a winner - but to make me feel a little less guilty for only being able to pick one of all of the amazing comments, everyone who enters gets a Lunapads-related consolation prize.

The post to leave your comments on, as well as the complete contest details, is here. I'll be announcing a winner (and non-winners will receive their prizes) the first week of June!

P.S. Don't forget to check out Lunapads' fabric swatches so that you can pick your favorite color/pattern if you win!

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Transgender Girl   
11:58pm 18/05/2009

Embedded video from CNN Video

I'm going to try not to ruin this by saying too much, but, basically I think this is amazing. Please watch the video to see what I mean.

I honestly believe that if all transgender people were given this opportunity - to live as who they really are from the youngest age possible - not only would society have less of a problem with it, but they would endure so much less pain, depression and struggle for acceptance (because people would know them as who they really are for a much longer period of time).

I think it is awesome how incredibly supportive her parents are. I realize that it must have been a very hard choice for them to make, to allow their daughter to live as she is, and they probably face opposition to their decision every day.

I only wonder if hormone replacement therapy or sexual reassignment surgery will be done at an earlier age (if she chooses to do either)? Will they be more/less effective before/during puberty? Will it result in a smoother transition, physically?

I don't want to get all John Money crazy here and start changing a baby's biological sex before the age of one (PLEASE read As Nature Made Him), but I do think if a child is old enough to tell you, repeatedly, that wish they were the opposite sex, or that they are a different gender "inside", then they should be able to transition.

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Lunapads Contest Giveaway!!!   
09:45pm 11/05/2009

You could win this Sampler Pack!!! Photo Courtesy of Lunapads.com

Lunapads has given me a wonderful opportunity: to hold a contest for Cephaloblog readers to win one of their Sampler Packs (a $25 value)!

If you're already a reusable menstrual product user but haven't experienced the comfort and reliability that is Lunapads; you're already a Lunapads user but could use some more; or you're new to reusable pads altogether, enter to win this contest!

Sampler Packs include a little bit of everything to get you started with Lunapads - one maxi pad, one maxi liner, one maxi wing liner, and one mini pantyliner - in a color/pattern of your choice! Be sure to check out Lunapads' fabric swatches so that you can pick your favorite if you win (I recently got my sister a set in the Cupcakes pattern, because she's a baker - too cute!).

Here's how to enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to switch to reusable menstrual products; or, if you already use reusable products, why you think women should switch to reusable methods.

2) Be sure to include a valid email address with your post, so that I can let you know that you won and get your shipping address and fabric choice.

The best comment wins!!! A consolation prize will be awarded to all who enter (and provide a valid email address with their comment)!

The Lunapads Contest Giveaway ends on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 11:59 PM.

Enter to win at Cephaloblog!

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04:13pm 01/05/2009
  Need boat or Harley parts?

Want a cool vintage brooch to give to your mom on May 10th?

Help me get this stuff out of my tiny bedroom!

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11:47pm 22/03/2009
  Newly redesigned and regularly updated.


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12:20am 02/05/2008

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08:52pm 17/09/2007
  The Club to reopen Friday  

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11:47pm 23/08/2007
  Rotten to the Core Web Design  

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09:21pm 13/04/2007
  I am really crushed about Monica Henk dying.


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12:38pm 03/02/2007

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